Dr. Denise Fleming for Moreno Valley Mayor 20182018-08-02T12:53:01+00:00

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It’s not about where we’ve been, it’s about where we are going. I will always fight for our City’s fiscal health and welfare. I will send a clear message that our city welcomes new 21st century businesses.

It’s time to build up our city with good governance, traditional city values, and form partnerships with our local school districts. It’s time to develop more relationships with our sister cities and start our own local programs, festivals, events and activities.

We must create opportunities for residents to mingle and celebrate each other. I will listen and engage our sister cities, local nonprofits, associations, community business partners, and advocates.

Together we will create a great environment where we will all feel safe and welcome in our city of Moreno Valley. We will have programming of festivals, events and other activities from city hall and neighborhoods to create conversational, strolling and vendor opportunities for our residents and artists.

I cannot do it without you. In order to move forward and win in November, we need a strong campaign. Please donate online today. It is an investment in all our future. Every dollar counts and is appreciated.

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